Wednesday, 29 June 2016

And here you and I met.

The Biggest Question:-

   Humans are the superficial creation of the nature, this statement is 99% true without any point of contention, unless we found someone, somewhere more smarter, more intelligent and perhaps more beautiful than us.
There is no doubt in the fact that there is a energy who runs this very coinciding nature or universe. Science proved the inter-conversion of energy and mass by very known eqn. E=MC^2. And with the help of quantum physics we comes to know the fact about space and time.
This whole universe is just a energy concentrated over a point and during Big Bang it scattered over a infinite space, and sooner or later time is created. Some defines this as a Energy or some as a God.
Nobody knows who created us, nobody knows who is the master of this so-called universe. When I took a glimpse around us, what really amazes me are just infinite. Everything in this world happening for a cause(even death too). Sun rises daily from the east, wind blows, river flows, birds chirp, seasons changes, time runs and day runs to months, months to years and years to centuries. But universe continuing it journey towards its end.
May be sometime we could found the cause of the effect we are seeing now, but for now it is damn true that we just need to complete our task which are assigned to all of us i.e., "continuous growth of all humanity". And to grow more mentally, physically and spiritually we need to focus on our purpose and serve hearty to this humanity.
The well known saying says too:- "The purpose of life is a life of purpose".

Life Living Lust.......

Like the lust of sexuality, the lust of living life fully and transforming it to the greatest dimension, is again one of the pleasure we must possessed.
There is some points you must considered in order to worth living...

>Irrespective of dilemmas, we need to move ahead and don't get sticky to past. I always believe in simple philosophy, which states that "Use past as a motivation and a fine teacher". I can truly understand that sometimes it become damn tough to focus on present and avoid past memories. But what I said is not to avoid feeling and memories of past, rather then that analysis all those event which you already lived and remember what Steve Jobs said "Connect the dots", you also need to did the same.
AS time passes and your future became your present and your present became your past, so try to made your past so extraordinary, delightfull and happy that you could once able to told your grandson what extra versatile life you lived. And to made your past so beautiful, you need to focus on present and live present fully.

To be Continued.........! 

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