Monday, 19 December 2016

Something I want to tell you....

Its has been a long time since I wrote the last update.🙂

As you and I getting closer day by day, So I would like to tell you the basic motive behind this writing.

Basically I am interested in your interest, i.e., Love, Money, Life, Birth and Death.
What a human want in his/her life. What they do when they are in trouble and how they react towards day to day dilemmas.
One thing that motivates me to deal with the life situation is the life dual nature.
Analogous to light, Life do exhibit dual character and that two are antonym to each other.
I'll tell you this later or you will have it sooner in my writing but before that I want to ask you a purpose.
What is your purpose behind this reading. Whats your purpose of life and whats the purpose behind your day to day work.
1. Of course you gonna answer me "I'm reading your post because you fascinate me, or this post is something seems productive to me"
But believe me you are reading this post because you have few quarries related to life, and the best part is that life doesn't answer your question A2A but rather he choose to teach you a bunch of lessons, that in his turn answers your questions.
But to learn all the sorts of lessons, this so called life is too short. So its good to share the life lessons you have learned with all other so that they would become mentally and spiritually sound.
And again this a friendly platform, where you will gonna tell me your experiences via a comments and I'm gonna display that in front of other so that you and I can help the world.
May be this is the reason behind your reading and my writing.☺

2. So whats you purpose of life.
It was well said that "the purpose of life is a life of purpose".
So many lived the life and passed away. May be possible that they hadn't have any dream or purpose. May be it was possible that they hadn't discovered their destiny.
But one fact is true and that is you are still alive and it is never too late to discover your purpose or your motive behind your living. By doing so, your living turn to worth living, and on death bed you will never gonna regret this life.
You have time, discover you goal, your  destiny, something that makes you happy. And for that listen your heart and make a list....

3. So you are working all day, either you are studing or earning, but you are busy everyday. Most of the time it happened that you bacame tired of your work and no longer want to proceed ahead. 
Most of the time it happened that you don't want to read a subject or any official documents but you have to do that because its your work, and if you not do that, how would you earn living or how would you score a decent marks and went for placement session. 
But ever you asked why you are doing this so called Engineering or Commerce if you are interested in Photography or Cooking. Why? 
Why you are doing advocate job if your are meant for business. Why? 
You need to do something that your heart, mind, soul, and body wants. Then only your studing or working no longer frightened you and you would not need to took any vecations from your work. 
Working is so damn hot and enjoyable, but for that you have to discover your calling.
I'm not asking you to quit your job or study right now. But rather then that I'm asking you to do something that your heart wants to do and you are hiding that,
 Be ⚠ caution next time before doing something in your life. Ask your self. Nd what to ask to yourself, you better know than me. 
Everyone in this perfect world is the master of something and have potential to perform on extraordinary platform of tha field, but only when you will do something that you like not your cicle do.
Hope for best,  prepare for worst.

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