Monday, 6 February 2017

Seriously, Afraid of DEATH....

Suppose one day you planned for outing, or for hanging out with friends. But on the same night, encountered with an incident that induced the doubt into your head, into your mind.
A doubt about death.
Suppose you came to know that "if it would be true then you will be no more". Although the time tells you about the surety of doubt, but till then, this  state of mind keep distracting you and making you feel even worst then a corpse.
what would you do?
Either you took some measure to clarify this doubt or wait for right time to come, but till right time, keep suffer. I know if you will not cure this dilemma it would convert in depression and made you feel low.
And on depression, a person can't live. In depression, a person almost die. Even his career seems in flaw when he is suffering depression.
So simply One has to clear his mind from this doubt. Isn't?
If I'm in his place, I would followed up these mind set-s.
I took some steps. Firstly I made my proper mind set that this whole things, that you are thinking is absurd. Secondly I made myself clear about death and life.
I repeatedly keep telling myself about death and the truth of life.
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I told to myself that "This whole beautiful universe will ruin someday, and will be ruin by my LORD, who is again a CREATOR of it also. Everyone given a life on this beautiful planet, which we called the EARTH. Once our purpose on this planet get fulfilled, We have to Check-out. And also there will be no reason to stay more, here on this earth once the reason get fulfilled. Its like a life will be a piece of flesh merely, which roam here and there.
And again death is invite-able, if the person has done with his life and achieved or has experienced whatsoever he had ever dreamed of.
The best way to live a life is to set a goal and achieve it, and also keep setting it during a course of achievements. Because satisfactions with the life is DEATH.
But one thing that really made me sad since last few days  is "What if I die without completing my purpose or without fulfilling my dreams or goals.For an Instance this seriously made me cry. Cry in the public place, where I used to surrounded up by friends and colleagues. But without having a tear in my eyes, I cried several times, most of the time Indeed. Do you know what makes me stronger against this negative thought? Against this emotional abject notion? Against this despair? 
He will never call us until unless we get satisfied with our life, with our dreams,and with our goals. But this condition only applies if you have one such  and as serious one also. This only applies if you dare to achieve one of your dream at any how circumstances.
So at this perfect point I have made my mind clear about this doubt and seriously I don't care whether I will die early or late. One thing that I'm truly sure about this is that I'm not gonna die until I'm done with my life, until I'll achieve what I planned for and until I lived my life as I dreamed of.
This is the way I got positive mind set against this negative situation.
I know this is not the only daring situation I have encountered, there are so many ahead in my path to made me stronger, and I know I'll also overcome all of 'em, as I'm confident, I believe in positivism and I believe in you guys.....I believe in everything that my master created.
Thanking you
                                              *****************                                   to be continued...

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