Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Existence of GOD

I observed diversity. Diversity amongs people and thoughts. Whether the Almighty exists or not, that is just our mind concept. Thoughts and actuall reality are so complex. Beyond explanation. What is reality. Anything that can be perceived by our sense. In reality you will never gonna perceived God. Like to taste the food, you need tongue, which is one of the human sense. But to feel the God no such sense is physically visible, so how can it be possible to perceived the one, who actually can't be perceived by human sense.
But now you'll ask how to know about the existence of God. How should be come to know that this universe, Everything that human mind can imagine is created by someone or just a random mistake of Mother Nature. Again question arises what's the cause behind our human mind so complex thought processing phenomenon and how this so perfect and precise world came into existence?
Do you seriously think this whole universe, every single atom and their so perfect combination, every single human cells and again their so perfect coordination, again every single life and their so perfect regulation, could ever be possible without so so perfect Master.
And not only perfection is created and designed by our Master, but it is also working well since the first life on Earth.
Science says that she doesn't required the existence of God to explain all processes. The one who stands on hypothesis, is complaining about reality here. Alas!
Thousands of theory of science are merely a hypothesis. And by assuming such aspects they invent something.
Single atom motion and its all properties can't be explained with ease. A single atom is so complex. So think how complex is this universe is.
If I switched on the switch, light bulb starts glowing. I'm the cause behind this effect. If I would push the table, then the effect every one would witnessed, have caused by me.
This universe has also its cause. And the cause is none other than the GOD itself. Universe has a beginning too. Before that nothing existed or may be a very very very very tiny energy cluster exist. Still science doubts between these two aspects.
Again the law of science, fundamental law on which science stands, says that from nothing, nothing can came into existance.And then science says that "this universe came into existence from nothingness". Here is a contradiction indeed. Let us assume that before the beginning of universe energy cluster exists and explosion occured into it and everything scattered so perfectly within a billionth of a second. Still I can't understand the creation of space and time with big bang.
Who else provided human mind so mystic power of imagination.
Science can only explained all these phenomenon, but can't create it. And on some case even can't explain them.
Science says action reaction law. But why other body exert force on first body when 1st exerted force on 2nd. Science uses the law but can't create it.  Again how charge particle created.
Why universe loves symmetry.
Evolution means progression and changing with time. But evolution doens't mean creation.
Evolutionist can only explain how we evolved since our existence, but can't justified human creation.
Like things create like things. Stones create pabbles. Pabbles create sand. Rain create rivers. Similarly Grand Life created Life. Life is anything that has an internal force. No physical and materialistic force required for his movement.
.Could ever be possible that science can explain various miracles occured during human course. Could science ever be able to explain death. Why not it is possible to replace the heart of corpse and once again he would become alive. Why not?
There are thousand of things that need explanation,but some would be explained by time and some will remain unexplained. Except it.
Yes there is a God.
Believe him.
And one day, He will reveal himself to you. All you need to believe him, love him, and respect his creation.

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